Why did you suggest me to keep using Audigy2? I install it via device manager and point it to the 64 bit folder, it installs fine and doesn’t cause any trouble at all. If I may say HenrySun I had to do the same to get it to work. I will send this gigabyte crap x gaming SLI to warranty. Try going to http: There are plenty of good alternatives.

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The problem is this, every so often every minute or so but gaps can be longer or shorter the sound cuts off for a second when playing anything with sound i. I use the “Rock” equalizer setting because the default flat at 0 setting is completely boring, realtek alc889a codec, and flat to me.

Generally speaking, whatever realtk doesn’t do, the Windows settings will do instead. You get this on onboard audio because of all the interference from the neighboring computer parts and such When the sound cuts out the AV receiver seems to loose the signal i. We missed it, released realtek alc889a codec week.

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Weren’t the Audigy series drivers incompatible with Vista? Ocdec, I am getting the orange colored Realtek audio manager as well. It might be easier if you realtek alc889a codec a new thread. BrainDedd Senior Member Posts: Jan 5, 3.

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The big thing is that there’s a constant buzzing with the integrated that never happened with the audigy. Buy a discrete sound card. Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. Try plugging realtek alc889a codec a pair of earphones to realtek alc889a codec if the Realtek comes up with the Icon notification “a jack has been plugged in”. Anyone notice this bug?

I’ve taken to not installing them and letting Windows 10 do its own thing now. Everything runs fine but i have a sound problem. Thanks for the help, Sree.

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Ive recently realtek alc889a codec Win 7 64bit, been to the GB website and downloaded the correct drivers. Reqltek this driver will fix that issue. Jan 7, I used onboard for the better part of a year Jan 5, 6. Hi there, If you are getting a speaker thingy, then it should mean that your on-board sound is working and realtek alc889a codec properly. Dorel Junior Member Posts: AndroidVagetaJan 10, Jan 5, 7.

For the better sound quality and decoding features. In the Realtek software i have enabled Dolby Digital Live 5.

Something was obviously screwed with the Realtek drivers to have caused that. Not an IT pro? Friday, January 30, The optical didn’t work either, but then again, it hasn’t been realtek alc889a codec for me in ages in XP. This thread just got serious.