In the first days, I checked the integrated camera which worked properly under Skype, Gmail chat etc This page has been accessed , times. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Tried all the way available in some forums. Register Sign In Help.

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This camera typically called a webcam is USB attached. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Could you describe camerq processes did you kill related to the camera when you fixed the problem? I managed to get the camera working again, although I can’t honestly say what I did to do so.

Tried all the way available in some forums.

I’m starting of thinking about using the recovery tool from Thinkvantage, but this would imply reinstalling all programs, someting painful Register Sign In Help. Nothing strange lsnovo except for the yellow warning triangle which says “unknown device” under USB devices.

I caera find such a software. Driver is installed and when I switch on laptop on, the camera LED blink once. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? See security risk warning above. None of the apps that should detect the camera skype, gmail chat, Yawcam, Messenger do it.

Install integrated camera in X – Thinkpads Forum

Who has experience to add it if it missing? I do also have a X with Win 7 64 bit version. The camera should be listed as an “Imaging Device” in the Device Manager If inregrated using an X or probably any of the X series I think the latest driver is 1. Is there a way to remove the requirement altogether?

Is there any difficulty installing one like this??? Will come back to you after some time of use. A lot of thanks for all your work on this blog. Vamera turned out, there was a hardware issue and the camera had to be replaced.

After this, the yellow warning triangle appears again at the beginning of the line “unknown device”. Hi, I’ve just upgraded my T with an integratfd, and am trying to replicate my settings from my old hard drive from scratch with a clean install of W Message 5 of 9. Some suggest that the Lenovo Easy Capture software runs at start up and this ‘locks’ the camera. I’m completely sure this refers camerz the integrated camera since I’ve been trying several solutions as downloading the last drivers from lenovo, unstalling and installing, updating the bios, etc The reason cameea didn’t fit it was that it appears that two small additional screws are required when in reality they’re not.

Have tried re-set BIOS to factory defaults, and installing updated integrated camera driver, but all fails.

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On some earlier ThinkPads a proprietary camera was used, but later models use a standard Camerw camera which is supported by the uvcvideo driver. No idea what to do more. After reinstalling drivers, taking to the Lenovo support hotline, installing exactly the driver I was told to it was still broken.

I do have the same problem in my lenovo N system.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700 Webcam Camera 42W8015

But I found out a software to use the camera and it is Googles Picasa. Thank you for your interest in this question.

cameea Try it it may work for you. Just installed camera in my Xsand I must tell it’s a bit of a “pain in the butt” process, as I had to re-tape one of Wi-Fi antennas during the installation. The Xs had a camera with smaller screen resolutions, but not with the largest x screen size.