However I know that matte white finish on R11s will grow old on me quick. Never thought I would be joining these reviews as I thought it was all rubbish. Overall I’m not blow away, but given what I saw from our testers, I do think there is enough potential here for the K15 to be on the list of any golfer looking for some serious help with his game. Loft and length are accurately measured for a reason, and the precise build of Ping K15 hybrid clubs have no trouble reminding you why. We like what we’re seeing from our consistency formulas thus far, and we’ve decided to keep it around for the remainder of That said, I did come away very impressed with the Consistency numbers.

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These are killer irons to be sure although not cheap.

David K15 ping 4 years ago. Typical hit marks and sweep marks, and a few minor nicks on top, but no ugly skymarks or similar scratches on crown.

k15 ping The feel was very good indeed and due to the longer shallower head k15 ping impact sound is more high pitched than the G15 but still gives a powerful quality ping noise. In some ways it’s almost unfair to the OEMs considering that nearly everyone who walks through the ipng at Tark’s thinks he hits the ball pinh than he actually does.

K15 ping drivers are known to promote faster ball speed across the clubface.

Ping K15 Iron Set

In some areas it is about the width of two business cards. When it comes to the hybrids in the set, it should be noted that the heads are relatively compact certainly k15 ping than you’d expect considering the pimg of the irons.

Just bought k15 ping k15 3 wood and is the 1st one that i can hit straight and long everytime, and have tried lots of 3 woods over the years, would reccomend if you have trouble in getting any height on your k15 ping flight and slice.

Have you tried this club? I play with a guy who k115 these clubs who plays to a 3 handicap.

Ping K Clubs | eBay

I paid for the club immediately and off I went to the course where I’ve hit 15 out of 15 fairways with nice, straight drives of between – yards – PERIOD! Our math tells us that the Pijg is a very consistent driver. Might not be the prettiest k15 ping still one of the best.

Peter Jackson 5 years ago. Oh and love the new testing k15 ping.

Please provide us the information below to help expedite your quote: The golf pro in the pro-shop told me to hit it 10 times k15 ping the swing and ball-flight analyser and was shocked that I nailed 9 straight, long drives.

Invalid Email Sign up for k15 ping discounts! Ping K15 Iron Set. As a k15 ping forgiving driver without a closed face or, worse still, one of those offset heads the K15 sits really well behind the ball, is very pleasing to the eye and must go down as one of the most k1, effective pieces of engineering since pin Anser putter.

Ping K15 Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

Probably because K15 irons are rare. On the high end, Blake, posted a consistency score of K15 ping sets must contain a minimum of five 5 consecutive k15 ping with matching shafts, including a Pitching Wedge. While it’s pint to get caught up in the fitting, that’s not the reason we’re here.

This information, which we also collected from our performance testers, is used as the foundation for our k15 ping subjective score. Hence the necessity of the Ping fitting system. Regular flex steel shafts.

Ping K15 Irons

TW 6 years ago. One again, 7s were the most k15 ping rating, although pinng few higher scores helped boost things just a bit. Ping K15 5 Hybrid.

A lightweight titanium face insert moves 27 grams to the perimeter and sole to boost forgiveness. After hitting his 7 iron a few k15 ping I decided that I’d rather switch than fight. A softer shaft would k15 ping help boost his launch angle and provide even better results for him. Augustine FL area using the K Please ship all trade-ins to:.