The proposed approach is designed to accommodate the limits of measuring and modeling the intermediate trophic levels between phytoplankton and penguins e. This project supports analysis of sediments from multi-cores and mega-cores previously collected from beneath the former Larsen B and Larsen A ice shelves. To accomplish these goals, the project will utilize high throughput transcriptome analysis and RNA-sequencing experiments with the dinoflagellate and Phaeocystis. Exposed deposits in South Africa, Greenland, USA, Canada, and Antarctica have led researchers to propose that the bigger the magma body, the faster it will crystallize. Using this model, we showed that anisotropic ice flow coupled to fabric evolution can be unstable in both simple shear and pure shear. However, sonic-velocity measurements are often subject to large amounts of low spatial-frequency error. Understanding the environmental factors that control predator population dynamics is critically important for projecting the state of populations under future climate change scenarios, and for designing better conservation strategies for the Antarctic ecosystem.

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The PIs will interact with the media and include K educators in their fieldwork. This award supports a project to conduct a suite of experiments to study spatial and temporal variations of basal conditions beneath Beardmore Glacier, an East Antarctic outlet glacier that discharges into the Ross Sea Embayment.

Tissue and blood frree and lactate concentrations for Antarctic krill Euphausia superba maintained at ambient and high temperature and CO2 for 2 days Abstract Show on Map.

The ice core samples that will be used in this analysis will span camm years before present to about 55, years before present and therefore, ethane emissions linked to human activities are not a subject of this study.

This leg started at Papeete, Tahiti and ended at Sydney, Australia. Do Icefishes Have an Advantage? These measurements will help to establish a timescale for the core. The project will also include a novel social science component that will use environmental history to examine interactions between human activity, scientific research, and environmental change in the MDV over the uswp years.

Recent discoveries of widespread liquid water and microbial ecosystems below the Antarctic ice sheets have generated considerable interest in studying Antarctic subglacial environments. The project will also provide hands-on research opportunities for undergraduate students. Recent work has shown how dated ice cores can be used as dipsticks to derive ice-thickness histories.

Independent, space-based platforms indicate accelerating mass loss of the Totten system. Winter Ecology of Larval Usp It also contributes to understanding spatial and temporal patterns of climate change and climate dynamics over the past 40kyr, one of the primary goals of the Sw-3035 Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences IPICS.

The PI and the graduate students in the UCI ice core laboratory regularly participate in on- and off-campus activities such as laboratory tours and lectures directed towards educating high-school students and science teachers, and the local community at large about the scientific value of polar ice cores as an environmental record of our planet’s past.

Even though the project does not include any methane measurements; the commonalities between the sources and removal of atmospheric ethane and methane mean that ethane measurements uwap be used to gain insight into the causes of changes in atmospheric methane levels.

Results will directly enhance interpretation of South Pole ice-core records, and also advance understanding of firn densification and drive next-generation firn models. The investigators will test hypotheses related to acid-base compensation and acclimation of various life stages of krill aw-3053 elevated CO2 and temperature. These student projects respectively model 14 Ma paleo-topography of Ross Sea Olivo et al.

Busetti, C, Sauli, A.

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These integrated field and modeling studies are expected to elucidate fundamental properties of water column and sea bottom ecosystem structure and function in the fjords, and to identify key physical-chemical-glaciological forcing in these rapidly warming ecosystems. Their science objective is to contribute to understanding of climate variability over the past 40kyr.

This leg started at Valparaiso, Chile and ended at Papeete, Tahiti. What are the dynamics of oxygen transport and consumption in Antarctic pycnogonids; how do structural features related to oxygen diffusion trade off with requirements for body support and locomotion; how does body size influence vulnerability to environmental hypoxia and to temperature-oxygen interactions; and does the cold-driven high oxygen availability in the Antarctic raise the limit on body size by reducing trade-offs between diffusivity and structural integrity?

Using our technique, we corrected this error to provide a spatially-continuous, and accurate record of fabric. POLYGON 90, 90, 90, 90, 90,0 90,36 90,72 90, 90, 90, 90, 72, 54, 36, 18, 0,, ,72 ,36 ,0,,, 0, 18, 36, 54, 72, We investigated whether glaciers eroded Ross Sea soon after 34 Ma.

The project will use a series of manipulative experiments to investigate the effects of temperature and oxygen availability on respiratory capacity and biomechanical strength, and will compare Antarctic sea spiders to related species from temperate and tropical regions. This system is of critical importance because it drains one-eighth of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet and contains a volume equivalent to nearly 7 meters of potential sea level rise, greater than the entire West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Although the top of the Cretaceous long normal Chron is one of the most important correlation horizons in the entire geological timescale, it is not properly correlated to the southern hemisphere biostratigraphy.

The paleodepth map for this unconformity has the area of this seismic reflection profile near sea level. Shedding dynamic light on iron limitation: Our project will make hourly measurements of both vertical ice-shelf movements using GPS surveying instruments and of temperature and sunlight conditions that drive melting around a surface lake located close to the McMurdo Station airfield. Due to uncertainties in even the highest-precision ID-TIMS analyses, the Dufek Intrusion of Antarctica is the only large layered mafic intrusion on Earth where this research can be accomplished.

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The ice core ethane measurements have great potential as a proxy for gaseous emissions from biomass burning. One organism with an aragonite shell that is a key to high latitude ecosystems is the pteropod.

The work will also yield important insights into the timescales and conditions necessary for developing vast magmatic ore deposits, which is essential to the platinum and steel industries in the USA and abroad.