Banks opening hours for New Years weekend. So now it sits there, with the pool filled-up and cleaned, the hedges freshly trimmed and the footpaths neatly swept. In the feeding grounds of the deeper waters, you sometimes see a silver pelagic fish flash past you. And what gets eaten is the young of the other fish species. But one day, at slack water, I did venture-out past the coral at F and on South towards Lipe. What I saw was a mixed-bag of OK-ish coral at depths around metres. They are called surgeonfish because of the sharp blades at the base of the tail — used to keep pursuing-predators at bay.

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Away from the shelter of the sandy cape, you will be subjected to tidal currents. Flagtail Triggerfish are generally quite flighty, but can sometimes show an inquisitive streak.

Since the demise of the coral, the number of visitors has dropped, making-for a more civilised experience on the beaches, tracks and restaurants of these beautiful islands. How would you like to be hurtling down it on your rental motorbike only to find that the road just stops in mid-air, Mr Keneval?

The mid-West side was a mix of good and average. In Adang, the coral is in slightly better health and the fish are a little more relaxed. Knotty buoy lines are a good place for baby fish to find protection from predators.

Famous for baby sharks cruising around in the rocky shallows. The plan pretty-much worked. I think ET, himself, must have burned-up on re-entry. Commercial development is forbidden on National Park islands. On the non-fishy side, my favourite was a few of these punky Horned Sea Stars. Can it be unlocked? Some tangled, knotted line underneath the buoy itself was providing shelter for some small fish; and these cool Barred Flagtails Kuhlia mugil were hanging-out, modelling their go-faster stripes.

At low tides, you can walk most of the way.

As you emerge from consuming your dtav in the Elvis bar, you can go for a snorkel in the sheltered bay. I saw her here on most days and the bulge is on both sides.

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Guests of the resort can go along on the transport free-of-charge. There is a gorgeous white-sand beach at Area 8. By rooster59 Started 3 hours ago. The sandy seabed has some interesting bottom-feeders, like this Speckled Goatfish.

I think that they were just back from the disco, as they still had the 70s disco-glitter on their cheeks. Moving out into deeper water and continuing North West, the coral condition is better still: I follow this nomenclature.


Visually, it is dominated by ftac nasty-looking Pinnacle Resort. This is mid-afternoon, after all the daytrip boats have moved off. Moving on towards the end of the cape, at 5m, the coral was variable, some of it quite reasonable.

And sometimes a boring-looking bit of rock might have a cute baby Yellowmargin Triggerfish sitting on it. Running parallel to the main beach, about m offshore, is a row of mooring buoys for boats. Our boat dropped us halfway along Au Pak Khaad, m offshore. They have evolved the big claw for fighting and attracting females. It mostly sircard like this: You can see in these pictures some dead finger and bracket corals.

In the foreground is the other common species dtad anemonefish — the Skunk Anemonefish. Barrel Sponges can provide an interesting spectacle: They look like the needlefish that hang around the surface everywhere, but the Flutemouths are more slender and swim with a more flexible body motion.