Remove the system memory page 2 – 8 To remove the Processor: Restart the computer to allow it to automatically detect the new d evice. PE0 R X9 7. From NB Def ault. Remove the modem page 2 – Remove the battery page 2 – 5 1.

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Speaker Cable Connector Table Of Contents Removing the Keyboard Tu rn off the computerremove the battery page 2 – 5.

Do not expose it to excessive. PE0 RX 1 5. PE0 RX 1 4.

Clevo Laptop M665Se Users Manual

If the computer falls, the case and other. Avoid accident al shocks, discharges or explosions. PE0 R X6 7.

Lift the modem up of f the socket and fga the modem from the connector. Remove the modem page 2 – 13 To remove the Bluetooth: Press the three keyboard latches at the top of the keyboard to elevate the keyboard from its normal position you a. The RAM module s will pop-up Figure dand you can then remove it.

The wireless LAN module will pop-up. Replace the bay cover and the screws see page 2 – 8. UP CM D The total memory si ze is automatically detected vgw the POST routine once you.

Y onah Ball -out. System Specifications Introduction System Specifications Latest Specification Information The specifications listed in this Appendix are correct at the time of going to press.

This manual is intended for service personnel who have completed sufficient training to undertake the maintenance and inspection of personal computers. Keep the computer out of direct sunlight. modsl

When it comes to clev, revers e the procedures unles s otherwise indicated. Remove the 4 screws in. The thi rd prong is an important safety feature; do.

Clevo Driver and related drivers

Sto r ag e One Changeable IN-T arge t P rob e. Deco upl ing ca pa cito rs.

The following table indicates where to find the appropriate schematic diagram. Information about operating the com puter e. Press the three keyboard latches at the top of the keyboard to elevate the keyboard from its normal position you a.

Clevo M665SU Manuals

Turn the release latch towards the unlock symbolto release the CPU Figure 6. Turn the computer offand turn it over. Page 37 Disassembly 5. One RJ-1 1 Modem Jack. To prevent this, follow these suggestions: