The Monitor window appears. Specifies the average noise level of the Frequency Channel currently used for connection. A yellow exclamation point or a red plus sign appears on the ASUS Click to cancel any changes made on the Wireless Settings utility. Follow these instructions to uninstall and re-install the driver. Check the Network Authentication Shared Mode option if you wish to use a network key to authenticate a preferred wireless network. Select the Device Manager tab.

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If you want to connect to a computer on your Intranet, make sure you type its address in this box. If no associations asustek wl-167g usb wlan adapter made, Auto Roaming automatically connects to a wireless network wpan on your specified configurations. Select this option if your computer has an installed modem.

You may gain access to local addresses easier and faster if you do not use the proxy server.

WL167G ASUS USB WLAN ADAPTER User Manual WL-167g_manual ASUSTeK Computer Inc

Launch the New Configuration Wizard by clicking File from the menu bar, then select New Configuration from the asustek wl-167g usb wlan adapter menu, or double-clicking the New Configuration icon on the Mobile Manager toolbar. Operating the device at very high data rates reduces the operating range.

Select the type of network that you wish to use. Click to wwlan the Ping tab. Click Next when done.

WLG V3 Driver & Tools | Networking | ASUS Global

Connection tab The Connection tab provides real-time information on connection throughput, frame errors, signal strength, link quality and overall connection quality in graphical representation.

Sets the asustek wl-167g usb wlan adapter transmission rate to Fix or Auto. The device driver is not properly installed. Wl1-67g the ping session by assigning the size and count of packet to send, and the time limit for a ping session to continue in milliseconds.

Repeat the process to add another gateway. This lower level of WEP encryption adaapter a bit 10 hexadecimal digits assigned by the user secret asustek wl-167g usb wlan adapter and a bit Initialization Vector assigned by the wireless LAN adapter. Help menu Contents — Displays the WinHelp window for online help.

Asus WLg USB WLAN Adapter Specs – CNET

Select Infrastructure mode to establish a connection with an access point AP. Manually assigned encryptions are more secure than automatically generated encryptions. Enter the computer name, then click Next. Rename — Changes the name of the selected configuration. Do the following to achieve better link quality and stronger signal: The computer name is generally the same with the DNS hostname. List ysb Shows a list of available configurations. asustek wl-167g usb wlan adapter

Key Length allows you to choose a bit or a bit WEP key. You may also press in your keyboard.

The main window displays the menu bar, tool bar, and existing configurations. Follow these instructions to uninstall and re-install the driver. Click Stop anytime to cancel the ping session.

A yellow exclamation point or a red plus sign preceeding the network adapter means that the device driver is not properly installed. Choose the type of configuration you want to create.

ASUS WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter Windows, Linux, Mac OS Drivers

The Mobile Manager window displays the created configuration when it is not activated. Right-click the Control Center icon, then select Help. The New Configuration Wizard dialog box appears.

Type – wireless network mode.

All toolbar button commands are also available from the menu bar. Description — Enter additional details of the configuration in this field. I cannot connect to another station with a wireless LAN device.