Antivirus None Browser IE Find More Posts by kadalberto. Because of all the obstacles I encountered with the U2 card, I may just give up on it after trying a few more things. Lo and behold, there were no Win7 drivers to run the card. Install this driver software anyway. Hi this looks really interesting and looks like it might solve my problem of connecting a Nikon Coolscan III scanner to my computer running Windows 10, however I noticed the comment about storage, should it work for the scanner?

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Astarte New Member Apr 3, My applogies for not seeing this until now.

Hi Steve, thanks for putting together that information! Many thanks and Regards, Robert. The Adaptec card is listed exactly like in your screenshot above, i.

Adaptec – Microsoft Windows Vista

Win 7 Ultimate 64Bit on a Mac. I assume that there is no aspi required under Windows 10? Works for Windows Server too. I had 3 other scsi cards before and could not get them to work, but the exact model he used did not require any changes to the code. Find More Posts by DavidLee You must log in or register to reply here. I loaded the drivers. BackupExec 12 works with Windows server – but refuses to install on Vista x It uses the driver aic78u2. Originally Posted by Rexreason. Correspondingly, the following section exists immediately after the above heading in both of these.

Any idea what is wrong? Sorry my bad english. Lo and behold, there were no Win7 drivers to run the card. I have not tried this on windows 10, but I understand from other user comments that there are issues getting it to work. This I am not sure of as I have not run into it.

Adaptec 2940 series x64 drivers

I bought and downloaded VueScan and it worked perfectly with a still perfectly good year-old scanner. Glad you got yours working!

The creator of the driver modified the 78xx drivers, if you look in the.

Setting up your vintage classic 68k Macintosh — Creating a bootable hard drive starting with a image file and an emulator. But you’re right – getting hold of adaptec is a bit of a pain.

Unlike storage devices printers typically need their own unique drivers, I did find: Perhaps you could correct my mistake. Does anyone know of a website that I would be able to find the drivers for a scsi hard drive? My issue comes on the port mapping inwindows 7.

I have been searching for what seems like weeks now and can’t seem to find anything. Hi, I report that Your solution is working.

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