Because of accessories and price, Sapphire is our best-buy recommendation. What was the actaul timedemo used for the Crysis VHQ benchmark? The graphics memory has similar overclocking potential. Power Consumption The X2 is an incredible power hog. Radeon HD X2 Company: Would you recommend that. ITR Recommended Performance is stunning considering the price point the card is pitched at.

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Editor’s Choice The Sapphire HD X2 is by the fastest graphics card we have ever reviewed and this performance is truly astounding. Seems to me that the drivers are not picking up that the card runs in crossfire, I get no option to turn on or off crossfire.

48702 One hell of a card which produces performance that is unmatched by any single PCIe slot based solution. The X2 is an incredible power hog. Now that the dust has settled, the only questions that remain are; “Did that punch land on nVidia’s chin?

If you install the Catalyst 8. Joined Feb 9, Messages 1, 0.

PowerColor HD 4870 X2 – graphics card – Radeon HD 4870 X2 – 2 GB Series

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That is what they accomplished. Endnotes Radeon HD Company of Heroes was one of the first games to get a DirectX 10 patch. Gold Tachometer Award Two things were made very clear with the 3dMark06 benchmark tests: HD x2 it would not have a crossfireX enabled tab, [if it is a single vga card] only dual card configurations have this.

Melvis Jan 25, This option functions independently of any particular software version, because it is available in the Catalyst besy. Radeon HD X2 Company: This thread made me update drivers on my X2 system, it still had legacy Half Life 2 Episode 2 Page Appaling to see that this driver a whql fgs! Keep in mind that this power measurement is taken running a 3dmark pixel shader test using almost no other resources.

Melvis Jan 21, Power Consumption The X2 is an incredible power hog. Recommended Buy by Tom’s Hardware Sapphire convinced us with its low price and great accessories. This is 48702 expensive, high-end card made for high res gaming with anti-aliasing turned on, and it excels most under those conditions.

Forums New posts Search forums. We use a botmatch based on the Bset map, which runs the new Warfare game type to test performance. I want something that will play new games now at x with all the eye candy switched on and will still be able to play games in 3 years time at a decent level of IQ.

When we said bet Radeon series dramatically improved anti-aliasing performance, we meant it.

Asus Radeon HD X2 Top (EAHX2 TOP/HTDI/2G/A) – Radeon HD X2: Four Cards Compared

At first this still bezt work, so then I installed Got a quad core thats reaching 70 degrees celsius, seems to high. We use a custom recorded timedemo for our benchmark.

Whatever you may say about the Radeon series, this much is true: Can some one explain more indepth about that for me? Melvis Jan 17,