But for a retro game machine, it doesn’t matter. Fri May 08, 5: They’re reliable and they work automatically with anything I’ve tried them with. I swapped out the card and the laptop has been stable ever since. If you install the Intel utilities then they also have lots of configuration options, but honestly that’s rarely useful.

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I’ve purchased 4 from this seller so far and just about to buy another. PM me for more details.

Problems with 3Com 3C905B, 3C905C, and 3C920 network interface cards

I don’t have a clue how 3co, was done, other that what I posted back in Mon May 11, 5: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. One negative I’ve encountered is that the linux driver for the x doesn’t seem to support all of it’s WOL modes. It’s been, what, 7 years since I posted that.

Fri May 08, 3: They don’t specify a specific part number. Well it says in your post: I also have a Zyxel GN gigabit adapter with windows 95 and 98 compatibility but never tried it yet. If you install the Intel utilities then they also have lots of configuration options, but honestly that’s rarely useful.

Problems with 3Com 3CB, 3CC, and 3C network interface cards

In my 7 box I use a Xeno Killer NIC, though reviews on the web mostly conclude the supposed extra games performance of these is hype. Its in the readme. I can’t believe how badly that problem eluded me.

Therefore, I have a strong preference for anything that has built-in drivers with the OS. Andrewcw, I think your questions are directed at me. When I first started to network my PCs, I bought these cards because they were cheaper than most others.

Index of /pub/windows/drivers/Rede/3Com/3c905/Novo/MSLANMAN.DOS/DRIVERS/ETHERNET/EL90X

I have one of these running in a P system. The other options come up as unsupported.

VM adapters can have the macs changed, does this have be in a physical machine? Jun 6, Posts: I’ve always just stuck with them for my legacy builds because I was used to them. It’s a major pain when you can’t doe them off the network because you don’t have network drivers. My P3 era Thinkpad also had a similar Intel card in it, I’m not sure exactly what chip it’s based on but it uses the same x 3clm.

Index of /pub/windows/drivers/Rede/3Com/3c/Novo/

My earlier curiosity found it using google. Jan 21, Posts: Here is what I found so far about some 3COM network card models.

Paint Shop Pro 3. We could make a “benchmark” list or something with transfer speed and memory requirements of each card! Never had any issues and have all arrived brand new and sealed.

Funny you should mention the 3Com 3CTX. It turns out there was some known, subtle firmware glitch in the mini-PCI Intel network cards that caused them to continue working, but lock up the host machine randomly. Now, I don’t remember exactly how, but as I posted back then and as my memory serves, I know I did do it and it did work.

I didn’t find any listings in the.