How about just french, german, english? Keizer MVM Oct 9: It’s also most like using a different computer. They are some of the most played games on the planet. In the vista powerplan settings balanced, high performance, powersaver is it possible for you to change the powermizer settings so that it is enabled under powersaver both AC and battery but disabled under high performance? Keizer to Stray Bullet. Keizer MVM Oct 8:

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Stray Bullet to Keizer.

I’ll be more than happy to create setup. I see no BF players have reported in yet with the black screen issue.

Au extreme, i know what you mean, but thats gedorce into vista If you can control the fan at low level, fan support is available Did you even read what I quoted above??? Yo Dox, this is a realy gooood driver: And it looks like it’s made TF2 a lot more fluid – I’ll double-check on a busier server later today.

NVIDIA ForceWare WHQL for XP and Vista | Geeks3D

Edited October 19, by Morthal. Wow, that was quick. You should try to re-install the drivers with the alt inf and its not as aggressively optimised and physX may work. My vantage score went up points.

Oh, and i think you should make a tweak that will disable PowerMizer when working on AC and enabling on battery. I have a Geforce go Dox, is there an easy way to gedorce language files to your driver?

NVIDIA ForceWare 178.24 WHQL for XP and Vista

Unreal 3 is as smooth as silk with the new release. BinaryXtreme6 to Jrb2 Member Oct 9: Been trying to download since yesterday but filefront just shucks! Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? I don’t have a link so you need to use google Dox, what I was trying to say was: Keizer to Stray Bullet.

Not good business IMO. I’m testing new Precision righ now and most likely I’ll send it to Jacob tomorrow then it will be internally tested by EVGA a bit then you’ll be able to download new 1.

It says, and I quote yet again: How about just french, german, english? I spend most of my time in the EVGA forums Its called “Powermizer Switch” and it lets you change the powermizer settings, very simple but it requires reboot for change.

Please read the release notes for more information on product support, features, driver fixes and known compatibility issues.

Some update on the progress: BinaryXtreme6 to Stray Bullet. Gsforce MVM Oct Most Active Forum Topics this week I thought so, what you’ve done with 1.

GeForce Release 178

Posted October 20, edited. Or is that vista software related? I’am asking because in Vista x86 I got marks in 3dmark06 with HP preinstalled drivers and only marks in Vista x64 with Dox’s Customised Forceware Keizer MVM Oct 9: